Tailored Mortgage Solutions and Services

Our mortgage services in bankerstobrokers

If you are trying to find solutions for your financial needs, we can help you with more than just mortgages. We can help you with:

mortgage services

First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Program

Canada’s First-Time Home Buyers Incentive offers a valuable opportunity for qualified first-time homebuyers, providing a down payment assistance of 5-10% to facilitate the purchase of their first home.


Self Employed Mortgage stated income Program

I specialize in assisting clients in qualifying for both purchases and refinances.

One of the options I offer is a stated income mortgage. This unique approach doesn’t involve the traditional income verification process. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to declare or state your income. While no specific documentation is required to prove this income, it’s important to ensure that the stated income aligns reasonably with your business and industry standards.


Tailored Private Mortgage Solutions for Diverse Needs (1st, 2nd, 3rd, HELOC etc.)

  • Our private mortgage programs cater to a range of scenarios, including:
    1. Quick Fix and Flip Solutions: Ideal for clients seeking swift turnarounds in real estate investments.
    2. Expedited Closings (5-7 Business Days): Designed for clients facing imminent closing deadlines, ensuring a seamless process.
    3. Bruised Credit Bureau Situations: Tailored solutions for clients with credit challenges, including bankruptcy, consumer proposals, and more.

    Whether you’re embarking on a fix-and-flip venture, facing a rapid closing, or contending with credit hurdles, our private mortgage offerings are crafted to meet your specific needs.


Comprehensive Purchase and Refinance Solutions

  • Whether you’re seeking a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd mortgage, our services encompass a wide spectrum of options:
    1. Purchase with a 5% – 20% Down Payment: Tailored for clients looking to make a strategic investment in real estate. Following a thorough consultation, I’ll align you with a lender who not only matches your needs but also offers the most competitive terms and rates.
    2. Leverage Your Property’s Equity: Unlock the potential in your property’s increased market value and reduced principal balance. This equity can be used to consolidate debt, acquire additional properties, or fund any other ventures. With a low mortgage rate, you can achieve this without resorting to higher-rate loans.

    Let’s work together to find the ideal financing solution for your unique situation.


Unlocking Home Equity with a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) service is tailored for clients who have built up equity in their homes. With a HELOC, you can secure a line of credit against your property. This line of credit offers you the flexibility to use funds as needed, with the added benefit of only paying interest on the amount utilized, providing you with a cost-effective financial solution.


Expert Guidance on Power of Sale (Foreclosure) Proceedings

  • For clients who have encountered missed mortgage payments, leading their bank or lender to initiate Power of Sale proceedings, timely action is crucial. I specialize in offering comprehensive assistance to help you navigate this process and potentially retain your most significant investment and valuable asset. With the right strategies in place, we can work towards preventing the sale of your property and safeguarding your financial interests.

Seamless Mortgage Renewal Services

Our Mortgage Renewal services are designed for clients who prefer to stick with their current lender but seek expert assistance in negotiating terms and rates. Additionally, for those considering an increase in their loan amount to consolidate debt, our team of experts is equipped to analyze your situation and determine if this is a beneficial option for you. With our guidance, you can navigate the renewal process with confidence and secure terms that align with your financial goals.


Smooth Transition with Bridge Financing

Bridge Financing is tailored for clients who find themselves in the common situation of purchasing a new property before the sale of their current one. This short-term, low-interest solution ensures a seamless transition between properties, providing you with the flexibility and financial support you need during this transitional period.


Comprehensive Financial Consulting

Our Financial Consulting services are ideal for clients seeking a thorough review of their overall financial portfolio. We specialize in identifying opportunities to save money and optimize your financial situation. With our expert guidance, you can make informed decisions that lead to improved financial stability and growth.

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